Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've been busy!

Here I was wondering what I was going to be doing in the way of income this month and now I'm so busy that I don't have much time to sleep.

Last week I was out celebrating St. Patrick's Day when I got a call to assist with craft services on the movie Twilight...with a 6:30am call to be in Kalama, WA. Three days work and I had a blast! Pouring rain, near freezing temperatures and steep hills! Who can ask for anything more?

This week I got a call to replace someone on a reality show shoot. It was only supposed to be for Tuesday and Wednesday but it will now be through NEXT Tuesday. EIGHT DAYS WORK! I love these kind of shoots. They are really laid back and the hours are like having an office job with catering.

I got a call from The Road today so I'm gonna get back to them and see what happens. Wish me luck!

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