Saturday, August 2, 2008


So I've been pretty busy as of late. I actually got a part-time job since work had been slow. I'm only getting about 8 hours a week but it's a nice fill in for the bills.

On July 27 & 28 I worked as a craft services assistant on the movie The Road. It's based on the book The Road and stars Viggo Mortenson (hope I spelled that right). Man, the hours were long. A days worth of prep on the 26th and driving up to Mt St. Helens. We got to the hotel parking lot at about 3:30am and the truck convoy left for location at 4:15 am. Location was a good hour drive from the hotel. Not much sleep was had. We were doing hot, made to order breakfast, craft services, hot lunch and second meal. All out of the motorhome and on the side of a closed road in an area that still has the blown down trees from the eruption. Sunday was a 17 1/2 hour day. They put us up in a different hotel for the night. There was no cell service in the entire area but the hotel had wifi so I was able to chat. We got up and drove to the first hotel and set up hot breakfast in the parking lot. Then drove in to Portland for location. Although it wasn't as long as the first day it was still a long day. After wrap I had to go back to Beaverton to offload the motorhome. I think I got to bed a little after 1am. That wouldn't have been too bad if I didn't have to get up the next two days to work my part time job at 6am. I actually haven't had a day off since the 25th.

Tomorrow I'll be assisting with another reality casting call. Bravo TV's show, Make Me A Supermodel is holding a casting call in Portland. I've had a few people tell me that I should audition for it. I'm just glad for the work.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CRIMPS revisited!

I found out yesterday that CRIMPS will be starting up again. I could definitely use the work. I'm glad that this project won't be lost in the netherworld of unfinished films. It's an indie horror movie and that is a profitable commodity these days. I'm happy to be a part of it.

It will mean that I will be heading to Astoria on weekends so I'll let you know when I'll be out of town.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lot's of Work and Updates

Well, it's been a productive couple of weeks. I have a few updates and a couple of new jobs to tell you about.

I answered a posting a little over a week ago from a producer looking for an AD. We met up and I signed on as AD. I've already been busy breaking down the script and putting together a preliminary schedule. The movie is called In Pursuit of the Pomegranate. It's an ethereal story with some funky visuals and a few gnarly stunts. I met with the director on Monday and we hit off pretty well. Principal photography will start in mid-September. I'm looking forward to continuing to get deep into this script.

Along with Pomegranate the producer is in pre-production on a horror feature. I will also be working on this movie. This Thursday I will be assisting with the casting call at the Clinton St Theater. We haven't defined my role yet but I'm looking forward to working on this one, too.

I just received a call this afternoon for another job. I've been an assistant for a bunch of reality show casting calls. Many of them have been for Bunim-Murray. One of the shows that I've assisted on is MTV's The Real World. The casting producer from that show will be up here for this one and asked the coordinator to call me. Last time I worked with this producer he told me that I should be in LA working and now he's requested me to be the first call for this casting. That really makes me feel good to know that I've made such a good impression. This should be a really fun casting. It's for a show a called The Bad Girls Club. Basically, it's like a Mean Girls all living in the same house.

I love it when I have a lot of stuff to report!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

POW Fest Panel today

I've been so busy with the music video that I forgot to post about the POW Fest panel that I was asked to be a part of. It was the Below The Line panel. I was one of four women who work as freelancers asked to participate. I was very honored. The audience was very small though so there weren't a lot of questions. But I felt like it's a good panel to have at the POW Fest. As the festival grows so will the audience.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Power Of Prayer

Equipment, talent, crew, camera, location, set, mannequins...It all came together.

The mannequins; we did not think we were going to get enough to fill the set but with one call we got about 40 full mannequins for free. THANK YOU AARON AT NORDSTROM!

Crew; I still needed a dolly grip but as of 9:56pm I have an excellent dolly grip for tomorrow. THANK YOU, JIM DUNN!

Just take a look at the set we put together. I built the 12'x12' plastic screen. Andrew hung the rest of the plastic and we dressed in the mannequins together. I think it looks awesome.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What the Hell?

Okay, so everything for our music video has come together. Location, set dec, crew, equipment...but our camera has fallen through. All we need is an HVX camera for one day. However, with no money in the budget for a full rental it's going to be next to impossible to get what we need. I don't have any favors to call in from any of the rental houses so it's gonna be a miracle if we can get one.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Interview Went Well

My interview yesterday went very well. It looks like I will be on this shoot. I'll get more details after I talk with the production manager. Production will take place in August so that leaves me open for work between now and then.

We Found Our Location!

BIG THANKS TO THE GUYS AT PG & L! They will be providing us with a location and equipment for an extremely reasonable deal. Everything is falling into place.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More Work

I got a call today and I'll be working on a reality show next Wednesday. I don't have any details about it, yet. I'll post it as soon as I find out more.

Yay work!

Music Video

And mannequins! Our music video shoot has been pushed to May 15. Location and mannequins were not coming together quick enough but it looks like it's working out better for everyone.

We're really excited about the video. We're doing this because we want more videos for our reel and we really like the singer. The best part is she's going to use the heck out of this video. So...major exposure!

Everything should be locked down by Monday then we can kinda relax.

Interview For Another Project

I talked to a Producer/Director today about working on his feature to be shot this summer. I'll be meeting up with him later this week for a proper interview. Wish me luck!

No More Zombies!


Anyway...I'm done with shooting for The Outbreak.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Another audition and a "new" agency

Well, I have an audition for a real estate commercial this Wednesday. It pays pretty well and there are two roles that I fit so hopefully I'll nail it. I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow and I'm gonna be in pain during the audition. But...I'm an actress, so I will ACT like I'm not in pain.

The other news is my agency. Wilhelmina/MTG has become a full-service agency. So now I have across the board representation. Which I am very happy about.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Outbreak!

Shooting starts tomorrow! 5 days of nights! Yay! This is going to be fun. There is so much blood and gore in this movie. Hopefully we won't have any Italian dinners on set.

Friday, April 11, 2008

On Hold...

I got the word yesterday that Clarity Y Productions is on hold. I might get a call in a few months but we'll see. It might be dead in the water.

Shooting for The Outbreak starts this Wednesday. It's going to be a lot of fun!

I hate when I have to turn down work. Especially when it would pay more than what I'm already committed to. I got a call today for a Production Coordinator position for a Nike shoot. 4 days right at the same time as The Outbreak. If only they were shooting one week later... I'd be so all over that. Oh well. Not many people are gonna be able to say they worked on The Outbreak!


Friday, April 4, 2008

Interview for 1st AD

I met with the Clarity Y Productions group again, today. This time for the 1st AD position. I feel like the interview went well. I should know something by Monday. I'm really hoping to get this job. It will mean steady work through May and that is always a good thing.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've been busy!

Here I was wondering what I was going to be doing in the way of income this month and now I'm so busy that I don't have much time to sleep.

Last week I was out celebrating St. Patrick's Day when I got a call to assist with craft services on the movie Twilight...with a 6:30am call to be in Kalama, WA. Three days work and I had a blast! Pouring rain, near freezing temperatures and steep hills! Who can ask for anything more?

This week I got a call to replace someone on a reality show shoot. It was only supposed to be for Tuesday and Wednesday but it will now be through NEXT Tuesday. EIGHT DAYS WORK! I love these kind of shoots. They are really laid back and the hours are like having an office job with catering.

I got a call from The Road today so I'm gonna get back to them and see what happens. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Short Film and Music Video in The Show!

Thursday, March 6th @ the Hollywood Theatre, the short film "Blue Angel" and music video for Fitzgerald "How Far North" will be playing as part of Late Bloomer Productions, "The Show". You can find more info here:

I produced both of these and am EXTREMELY proud of both projects. BLUE ANGEL has already had two wins at two festivals. 1st at ConvergeSouth, and 2nd at Sansevieria. The music video was one of the top ten in the Scion Xpressfest 2007.

The Show starts at 3:00pm and goes until Midnight. Drinks are free between 3:00pm and 6:00pm and only $1 each after that!

Come get plastered with me! I'll have crew gifts for those of you who worked on these but haven't seen them, yet. Just ask the bartender (Andrew, who wrote and directed both) for yours.

New stuff that I'm up to

Well, there are a few things that I'm working on.

First up, CRIMPS is on a hold for a while. Not sure when that's coming back on line.

Next, I'm in pre-production on a very unique zombie short called THE OUTBREAK. I am producing on this one with a new guy in town who has a company called Silk|Tricky. We're in the process of getting crew together and casting. Shooting is planned for the week of April 14th. We're gonna have blood, guns, car stunts and it's gonna be fun!

In the middle of all this, Andrew (my writer/director/partner) is writing treatments/scripts for two music videos. One is planned to shoot before OUTBREAK, the other to shoot after. One is paid, one is on spec.

I had an interview a few weeks back for TWILIGHT. I was told I was gonna get a call for a second interview but never heard another word. Since they've already started principal photography I've assumed that they "went another way." Oh well. I've got all these other things going on.

One more thing that's happened...I just signed with the Wilhelmina/MTG modeling agency. I have my first go-see next week. They just posted my photos on the website last week so, I'm thinking that's pretty good.

Even with all this going on I'm still available for dayplaying on other work. me already!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


So, I'm working on this ultra low budget indie horror movie called CRIMPS. I am the Production Coordinator and 2nd AD and I'm coordinating the extras. Multiple duties is par for the course for this type of production. I think it's going to be fun, though! We're shooting weekends in Astoria, OR on the northern Oregon coast. Our first location this weekend is the very impressive Columbia River Maritime Museum. My only concern is travel out to the coast. There is a severe weather alert in effect through Friday morning which is supposed to dump up to two feet of snow in the mountain passes. I don't have problems about driving in the snow but a lot of people don't know how to and that causes accidents. Also, if they close down the hwy then I'm kinda stuck.

We still have a few holes in our crew but we should be able to manage this first weekend. We only have four scenes and they all take place in the same location.

The extras are not coming through like I was hoping but I think we'll have enough. I will be pulling crew in as atmosphere, too.

I'll let you know how the weekend went when I get back to Portland on Monday.

I'm also working on a one day gig through Studiobard on Friday. Which means that I will have to drive to Astoria at wrap. I'm not gonna get ANY sleep!

Friday, January 4, 2008


Coordinator · Assistant Director · Extras Casting Director
503-701-5192 ·

Extras Casting Director:
Follow the Profit (feature) 2007 Director: Drew Rosenberg

Casting Director:
Darling Nikki (short film) 2003 Director: Craig M. Johnson
Asst Casting for Film, TV, Commercial (since 1997) Principals and extras

Extra's On-set Coordinator:
“NickCandy ToonPops” (commercial) 2004 Director: Kirk Kelley/Vinton Studios
“Water Bee” PSA 2004 Director: Curley Johnson
Mean Creek - Whitewater Films Director: Jacob Aaron Estes
The Hunted – Paramount Director: William Friedkin
Bandits –MGM Director: Barry Levinson
Men of Honor – Fox Director: George Tillman, Jr.

Brent Gunter music video 2007 Guestroom Productions
Crimps (feature) 2007-08 Late Bloomer Productions
Berlin (short) 2007 Envision Entertainment
Halo (industrial) 2005 Headquarters Film
It Came From Nowhere (short) 2004 Guestroom Productions
Blue Angel (short film) Guestroom Productions
2nd place ConvergeSouth ’07, 1st place Sansevieria ’07
Zombie Vegetarians (short) 2004 Mad Martian Productions
Tiffany’s Bad Day (short film) 2003 Guestroom Productions
Faking It USA (series) 2002 & 2003 TLC/RDF Media

1st Assistant Director:
Blue Angel (short film) 2004 Director: Andrew Michael Warnecke
Tattoo Vote PSA 2003 Director: Dan Schaefer
Tiffany’s Bad Day (short film) 2003 Director: Andrew Michael Warnecke
HIV/STD Prevention PSA 2003 Director: Michael Silberman
Darling Nikki (short film) 2003 Director: Craig M. Johnson
Voyeur (short film) 2003 Director: Andrew MichaelWarnecke
Barely Alive (short film) 2002 Director: Mark Edward Lewis
Joe's Kid (short film) 2002 Director: Rolla Selbak
Working the Beat (short film) 2002 Director: Craig M. Johnson

2nd Assistant Director:
Selfless (feature) 2007 Directors: The Pander Brothers
Spiral (feature) 2nd, 2nd 2005 Directors: Joel David Moore/
Adam Greene
Kate’s Smile (feature) 2005 Director: Tad Shaftel
Commercials (multiple) Multiple Productions
Making Maya (indie feature) 2003 Director: Rolla Selbak

Cast Assistant:
Feast of Love feature 2007 Director: Robert Benton

Welfare Worker:
The Hunted –Paramount Director: William Friedkin

Key Set Production Assistant:
Donut Hole (feature) 2004 Director: Peter Paige
The New Detectives (series) 2003 Discovery Channel
Elimidate (synd. series) 8 episodes 2002 Dawn Synd. Prods.

Locations Assistant:
Mean Creek (feature) 2003 Director: Jacob Aaron Estes

Craft Services:
Perfect Companion short 2007 Director: Jeff Winograd
Storage short 2006 Director: Mark Roush
Nationwide Ins still shoot 2006 Ken Anderson Photography multiple commercials Factory Films
Music Video Factory Films
Lipitor commercial 2006 Sticks +Stones Studios, Inc
I am Lloyd Hamlin short 2005 Director: Mark Roush
The Music Within assistant feature 2006 Director: Steven Sawalich commercial 2005 Respond 2
It Came From Nowhere short film 2004 Guestroom Productions
Zombie Vegetarians short trailer 2004 Mad Martian Productions
Tiffany’s Bad Day short film 2003 Black Veil Productions
Darling Nikki short film 2003 Full Swing Films
Voyeur short film 2003 Black Veil Productions

Production Assistant:
Boston Herald/Examiner commercial 2006
Dunkin Donuts commercial 2006 @Radical Media
Oregon Lottery commercial 2005 Food Chain Films
EA Sports “NHL 2K06” commercial 2005 Food Chain Films
Hewlett-Packard “Halo” industrial 2005 Headquarters Film Co.
Yamaha “Coleman” commercial 2005
Discover Card 4 commercials 2005 @Radical Media
The Real World open call 2005 Bunnim Murray
The Apprentice V open call 2005 Bunnim Murray
Starting Over open call 2005 Bunnim Murray
The Birdkeeper (short film) 2004 Director: Lane McWilliams
Amazing Vacation Homes (series) 2004 Mike Rich Productions
Commercial Productions 2004 to present Limbo Films
Ford 2004 Running Footage (commercial) Filmrow Productions
TV Lab (series) 2003 The Sundance Channel
Switched (series) ABC Family Channel
commercial productions (multiple) 2002-04 @Large Films
Weakest Link (synd. series) 2001-02 Weakest Link Prods.
Elimidate (casting PA, Seattle & Portland) 2001-02 Dawn Synd. Productions

Welcome! Come on in and look around.

Hi! I'm Susan Funk and I am a freelancer! I work as a Producer, Assistant Director, Coordinator and Extras Casting/Talent Coordinator. I do pretty much anything on set or in the production office but I'm trying to streamline things a bit. My resume is posted below.

I'm making this my new homepage. So I will have updates on what I'm doing and working on. I'll be posting photos and videos and who knows what else. Please check out what I've got so far and keep checking back for weekly updates.

I found this website because a few people I know have blogspot pages. I think this will be a great tool. I used to have my own website a few years back when I was primarily doing acting and modeling. Blogspot looks pretty close to how I had designed my old page.

So, now what? Well, let's talk about what I'm up to in this new year.

First of all, I worked on a web series this last summer that has gone live with seven episodes now and is immensely popular on line. You can visit the Wasteland and view all seven episodes. It's also up on Youtube,,, and I'm sure several more that I can't remember right now.

Blue Angel, the short film that I produced for my partner, Andrew Michael Warnecke, is on the fesitval circuit and doing amazing. So far, it has played in two festivals. ConvergeSouth, where it placed second in audience voting, and, Sansevieria, where it placed first in audience voting. It has been accepted to one more festival that will take place in March and we're waiting to hear back over the next few months from more.

I am starting work on an indie horror feature today. "Crimps" will be shot on location in Astoria, OR. We'll be shooting weekends through March. I'm looking forward to really getting started as Production Coordinator. I haven't really had much to do yet and shooting starts next weekend so this week should be really busy.

Next week I'll be starting up some side work logging timecode for a documentary. This should be fun. For me it's a chance to just sit down and kinda zone out with some repetitious work. It's detail oriented and so am I. It's sorta second nature so it's perfect for me. Plus, IT PAYS!

The logging job will end in February so I'm looking to book more work. Hint, hint?

Keep checking back for updates.