Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lot's of Work and Updates

Well, it's been a productive couple of weeks. I have a few updates and a couple of new jobs to tell you about.

I answered a posting a little over a week ago from a producer looking for an AD. We met up and I signed on as AD. I've already been busy breaking down the script and putting together a preliminary schedule. The movie is called In Pursuit of the Pomegranate. It's an ethereal story with some funky visuals and a few gnarly stunts. I met with the director on Monday and we hit off pretty well. Principal photography will start in mid-September. I'm looking forward to continuing to get deep into this script.

Along with Pomegranate the producer is in pre-production on a horror feature. I will also be working on this movie. This Thursday I will be assisting with the casting call at the Clinton St Theater. We haven't defined my role yet but I'm looking forward to working on this one, too.

I just received a call this afternoon for another job. I've been an assistant for a bunch of reality show casting calls. Many of them have been for Bunim-Murray. One of the shows that I've assisted on is MTV's The Real World. The casting producer from that show will be up here for this one and asked the coordinator to call me. Last time I worked with this producer he told me that I should be in LA working and now he's requested me to be the first call for this casting. That really makes me feel good to know that I've made such a good impression. This should be a really fun casting. It's for a show a called The Bad Girls Club. Basically, it's like a Mean Girls all living in the same house.

I love it when I have a lot of stuff to report!

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