Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finally! Something to update!

Sunday was a very good day. I got a call from the Crowley production. I will be dayplaying as a PA on the show. It runs from April 16 thru June.

After that call, I emailed the the co-producer/1st AD on Leverage. I will be dayplaying as a PA on that show, too. It runs from about now thru September.

I'm still working on The Imaginals as PM and 1st AD. Pre-production is going well and in full swing. We go into principal production the 1st of May and will wrap up first week of June.

Lot's of good news for work but it's going to require some major juggling skills to manage all three over the next couple of months.


Christopher said...

Congratulations - not one but TWO productions - working in stereo!

Should have linked-in on this, but I will e-mail you instead.

Best Christopher Toyne

Susan Funk said...

Thanks Christopher!