Saturday, July 31, 2010

Amazing Day on Set Yesterday!

Okay, so I'm posting this everywhere and can't stop talking about it. Something amazing happened on set yesterday and it was because of my background talent.

My Veterans Support Group was sitting around and talking on set, (they were all real vets ranging from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan and things in between that we don't even know about), and the director had the crew start running sound and camera without telling them. What came out was so raw and true and powerful. Billy Zane was so giving with them and "lead the group" but somewhere the line between actor and human blurred. Even for one of our leads, Chadwick Boseworth, who's character is a part of the group. Billy and Chadwick both stepped out at points so that they could change wardrobe for the next scene without disrupting the group dynamic.

There was not a dry eye at the monitor. And the guys themselves were experiencing something amazing. It's something that I will never forget. THIS IS WHY I LOVE CASTING!

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