Friday, February 29, 2008

New stuff that I'm up to

Well, there are a few things that I'm working on.

First up, CRIMPS is on a hold for a while. Not sure when that's coming back on line.

Next, I'm in pre-production on a very unique zombie short called THE OUTBREAK. I am producing on this one with a new guy in town who has a company called Silk|Tricky. We're in the process of getting crew together and casting. Shooting is planned for the week of April 14th. We're gonna have blood, guns, car stunts and it's gonna be fun!

In the middle of all this, Andrew (my writer/director/partner) is writing treatments/scripts for two music videos. One is planned to shoot before OUTBREAK, the other to shoot after. One is paid, one is on spec.

I had an interview a few weeks back for TWILIGHT. I was told I was gonna get a call for a second interview but never heard another word. Since they've already started principal photography I've assumed that they "went another way." Oh well. I've got all these other things going on.

One more thing that's happened...I just signed with the Wilhelmina/MTG modeling agency. I have my first go-see next week. They just posted my photos on the website last week so, I'm thinking that's pretty good.

Even with all this going on I'm still available for dayplaying on other work. me already!

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