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Coordinator · Assistant Director · Extras Casting Director
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Extras Casting Director:
Follow the Profit (feature) 2007 Director: Drew Rosenberg

Casting Director:
Darling Nikki (short film) 2003 Director: Craig M. Johnson
Asst Casting for Film, TV, Commercial (since 1997) Principals and extras

Extra's On-set Coordinator:
“NickCandy ToonPops” (commercial) 2004 Director: Kirk Kelley/Vinton Studios
“Water Bee” PSA 2004 Director: Curley Johnson
Mean Creek - Whitewater Films Director: Jacob Aaron Estes
The Hunted – Paramount Director: William Friedkin
Bandits –MGM Director: Barry Levinson
Men of Honor – Fox Director: George Tillman, Jr.

Brent Gunter music video 2007 Guestroom Productions
Crimps (feature) 2007-08 Late Bloomer Productions
Berlin (short) 2007 Envision Entertainment
Halo (industrial) 2005 Headquarters Film
It Came From Nowhere (short) 2004 Guestroom Productions
Blue Angel (short film) Guestroom Productions
2nd place ConvergeSouth ’07, 1st place Sansevieria ’07
Zombie Vegetarians (short) 2004 Mad Martian Productions
Tiffany’s Bad Day (short film) 2003 Guestroom Productions
Faking It USA (series) 2002 & 2003 TLC/RDF Media

1st Assistant Director:
Blue Angel (short film) 2004 Director: Andrew Michael Warnecke
Tattoo Vote PSA 2003 Director: Dan Schaefer
Tiffany’s Bad Day (short film) 2003 Director: Andrew Michael Warnecke
HIV/STD Prevention PSA 2003 Director: Michael Silberman
Darling Nikki (short film) 2003 Director: Craig M. Johnson
Voyeur (short film) 2003 Director: Andrew MichaelWarnecke
Barely Alive (short film) 2002 Director: Mark Edward Lewis
Joe's Kid (short film) 2002 Director: Rolla Selbak
Working the Beat (short film) 2002 Director: Craig M. Johnson

2nd Assistant Director:
Selfless (feature) 2007 Directors: The Pander Brothers
Spiral (feature) 2nd, 2nd 2005 Directors: Joel David Moore/
Adam Greene
Kate’s Smile (feature) 2005 Director: Tad Shaftel
Commercials (multiple) Multiple Productions
Making Maya (indie feature) 2003 Director: Rolla Selbak

Cast Assistant:
Feast of Love feature 2007 Director: Robert Benton

Welfare Worker:
The Hunted –Paramount Director: William Friedkin

Key Set Production Assistant:
Donut Hole (feature) 2004 Director: Peter Paige
The New Detectives (series) 2003 Discovery Channel
Elimidate (synd. series) 8 episodes 2002 Dawn Synd. Prods.

Locations Assistant:
Mean Creek (feature) 2003 Director: Jacob Aaron Estes

Craft Services:
Perfect Companion short 2007 Director: Jeff Winograd
Storage short 2006 Director: Mark Roush
Nationwide Ins still shoot 2006 Ken Anderson Photography multiple commercials Factory Films
Music Video Factory Films
Lipitor commercial 2006 Sticks +Stones Studios, Inc
I am Lloyd Hamlin short 2005 Director: Mark Roush
The Music Within assistant feature 2006 Director: Steven Sawalich commercial 2005 Respond 2
It Came From Nowhere short film 2004 Guestroom Productions
Zombie Vegetarians short trailer 2004 Mad Martian Productions
Tiffany’s Bad Day short film 2003 Black Veil Productions
Darling Nikki short film 2003 Full Swing Films
Voyeur short film 2003 Black Veil Productions

Production Assistant:
Boston Herald/Examiner commercial 2006
Dunkin Donuts commercial 2006 @Radical Media
Oregon Lottery commercial 2005 Food Chain Films
EA Sports “NHL 2K06” commercial 2005 Food Chain Films
Hewlett-Packard “Halo” industrial 2005 Headquarters Film Co.
Yamaha “Coleman” commercial 2005
Discover Card 4 commercials 2005 @Radical Media
The Real World open call 2005 Bunnim Murray
The Apprentice V open call 2005 Bunnim Murray
Starting Over open call 2005 Bunnim Murray
The Birdkeeper (short film) 2004 Director: Lane McWilliams
Amazing Vacation Homes (series) 2004 Mike Rich Productions
Commercial Productions 2004 to present Limbo Films
Ford 2004 Running Footage (commercial) Filmrow Productions
TV Lab (series) 2003 The Sundance Channel
Switched (series) ABC Family Channel
commercial productions (multiple) 2002-04 @Large Films
Weakest Link (synd. series) 2001-02 Weakest Link Prods.
Elimidate (casting PA, Seattle & Portland) 2001-02 Dawn Synd. Productions

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