Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome! Come on in and look around.

Hi! I'm Susan Funk and I am a freelancer! I work as a Producer, Assistant Director, Coordinator and Extras Casting/Talent Coordinator. I do pretty much anything on set or in the production office but I'm trying to streamline things a bit. My resume is posted below.

I'm making this my new homepage. So I will have updates on what I'm doing and working on. I'll be posting photos and videos and who knows what else. Please check out what I've got so far and keep checking back for weekly updates.

I found this website because a few people I know have blogspot pages. I think this will be a great tool. I used to have my own website a few years back when I was primarily doing acting and modeling. Blogspot looks pretty close to how I had designed my old page.

So, now what? Well, let's talk about what I'm up to in this new year.

First of all, I worked on a web series this last summer that has gone live with seven episodes now and is immensely popular on line. You can visit the Wasteland and view all seven episodes. It's also up on Youtube,,, and I'm sure several more that I can't remember right now.

Blue Angel, the short film that I produced for my partner, Andrew Michael Warnecke, is on the fesitval circuit and doing amazing. So far, it has played in two festivals. ConvergeSouth, where it placed second in audience voting, and, Sansevieria, where it placed first in audience voting. It has been accepted to one more festival that will take place in March and we're waiting to hear back over the next few months from more.

I am starting work on an indie horror feature today. "Crimps" will be shot on location in Astoria, OR. We'll be shooting weekends through March. I'm looking forward to really getting started as Production Coordinator. I haven't really had much to do yet and shooting starts next weekend so this week should be really busy.

Next week I'll be starting up some side work logging timecode for a documentary. This should be fun. For me it's a chance to just sit down and kinda zone out with some repetitious work. It's detail oriented and so am I. It's sorta second nature so it's perfect for me. Plus, IT PAYS!

The logging job will end in February so I'm looking to book more work. Hint, hint?

Keep checking back for updates.

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